AGRC Premium Membership

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A membership for gate professionals that gives you exclusive access to the following:

  1. Our huge consumer knowledge base educates consumers who come to you as Quality Leads
  2. Access our collective knowledge on the “how to’s” of the installation in our Knowledge Base
  3. Grab gate equipment manuals from our Manual Database
  4. Stay up-to-date with Industry News
  5. Tell customers about your professionalism and commitment to your field with AGRC Qualification
  6. Bounce ideas off of each other and formulate solutions with the help of others in the Online Forum
  7. We can help you solve technical installation or repair issues through Technical Support
  8. Our goal is to help you increase sales through Sales Support
  9. Lead your customers through design with our extensive Gate Pictures Gallery
  10. Get special vendor and manufacturer Discounts
  11. Discover Industry insights and advice on the AGRC Blog
  12. Don’t compete with the whole world. Our Limited Lead Distribution promise is that we only share each lead with 3 partner members in the customer’s local area.

Note: AGRC Qualification is required in order to receive leads.

Discover member benefits in Membership Details and Pricing (pdf).

Qualification Requirements:
  • Minimum of 2 years in business, or minimum 4 years of gate industry experience.
  • Exhibited compliance with local and state regulations regarding contractors—i.e. state contractor’s license, bonds, insurance, etc.
  • Provide three written references, including verifiable name and contact info.
  • Provide 5 photos of different gate projects you've completed.
  • Commitment from your company that you will make every effort to complete each installation to the highest standard, and do your best to adhere to industry standards as it relates to safety features and emergency vehicle access.

Additional Information:
  • Monthly fees ($39.95) are automatically billed every month unless cancelled.
  • Annual charges ($399.95) are automatically billed every 12 month unless cancelled.
  • Should you ever wish to cancel, simply let us know and your subscription will end on the last day of the current membership period for which you've paid.
Price: $39.95
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