AGRC Qualification

We certify some of our installation partners by providing them with an AGRC qualification logo.

This qualification let’s you know that not only is the installer a licensed/registered, bonded, and insured contractor, but that they have exhibited ongoing professionalism and competence in the areas of installation, service, and in the maintenance of security and driveway gate systems and, that, given the inherent dangers of automatic gate systems, they understand the importance of installing systems that are as safe as possible.

AGRC Qualification requirements:

  • Minimum of 2 years in business, or minimum 4 years of experience in the gate industry.
  • Exhibited compliance with local and state regulations regarding contractors—i.e. state contractor’s license, bonds, insurance, etc.
  • Providing three written references, including verifiable name and contact info.
  • Commitment from the installer that they will make every effort to complete each installation to the highest standard, and to doing their best to adhere to industry standards as it relates to safety features and emergency vehicle access.