Getting Estimates -- How Long Does it Take to Get a Price Quote on Your Automatic Driveway Gate Project

Tips for Getting Estimates for Automatic Driveway Gate Installations

You’ve probably heard the old adage before: Get at least 3 separate estimates on any home improvement. This will allow you to compare what each company design ideas, suggested equipment and, of course, price.

Making Contact

Using our contact form, getting 3 estimates is quite easy to do since we send your request along to 3 of our certified partners working in your area.

After filling out our contact form, you should expect contact from one of our qualified driveway gate installation companies within a few days. Depending on how much information you provide via our form or in your initial contact with the installer, a site visit may be requested.

Surveying the Site

A site visit allows the gate installer to survey the gate site and to design the best possible solution for your needs. You can expect a technician to come out for a site visit within 1-2 weeks from first contact. Many of our partners will be glad to schedule a call in the evening or on a Saturday as well.

Getting the Estimate

After the initial visit, you should be able to receive an estimate within 1-2 weeks. You may ask why would it take 2 weeks. Often times, the installation company has to request prices from subcontractors and suppliers before they can compile your price. If your gate is a standard or basic design, this can be pretty easy. If you have a more advanced or artistic system, then this can take quite a bit of work and your estimate cannot be created until the vendors or subcontractors they work with get their prices back to the gate installation company.

Summing it Up

In general, if you fill out the detailed form, and your system is relatively basic, you should be able to get an estimate within a week or so. If you require an initial site visit, and your system is artistic, or detailed, then you can expect to receive an estimate 1-4 weeks from your initial contact.