My Automatic Driveway Gate is Broken -- How Much Will it Cost to Fix and How Can I Keep the Cost Down?

My Automatic Security Gate is Broken

Your car is ready to roll out of your gate and take you to movie night. It’s idling on the exact spot on your driveway that’s supposed to send the “open sesame” command to your automatic driveway gate, to which your gate should respond by gracefully heaving itself open and allowing you to take off into the night.

But wait, what’s this? Your gate opener makes some violent sputtering, guttural sounds and your gate only slides open a few inches before sliding right back into the closed position, staring at you lamely. Looks like this summer’s blockbuster movie may have to wait for another night.

But don’t give up seeing X-men XCVIII just yet.

No matter the problem your normally well-behaved gate may be experiencing, you can get a handle on that ill-tempered gate without breaking the bank.

Saving Money By Doing it Yourself

One way to keep costs down is to do it yourself. There are a few things you can check on your own relatively easily, and this article walks you through doing just that.

Bringing in the Pros and Keeping Costs Down

Different companies have different pricing structures but, in general, you can expect to pay between $70/hour and $100/hour for labor and travel. Many companies also charge a minimum first trip charge of $150 to $300 dollars. These charges do not include parts.

The best way to keep costs down is to, in your initial call to request service, provide the service company with the following information:

  • Type of gate installed: single swing, double swing, slide.
  • Manufacturer and model of the gate opener; e.g. GTO Pro 2000; Elite Miracle; DoorKing 6200; etc.
  • List of the access control and reverse/safety devices installed and the manufacturer and model of each; e.g. Sentex Crown Jewel phone system; EMX IRB photo eye; Multi-Code transmitters; Diablo loop detector; etc.
  • Give a concise yet detailed explanation of the exact nature of the problem--this may help the technician avoid a multiple trip service charge, thereby lowering your bill. E.g. “Gate will not close at all and I attempted a reset and the problem persists;” or “Gate closes only when it feels like it”.

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