Should I Install a Driveway Gate Myself or Use a Company that Specializes in Automation?

Should I Install a Driveway Gate Myself or Use a Company that Specializes in Automation?

We're going to first send you off on a quick adventure before getting into the intricacies of gate installation. Now head on over to read the articles below first. Have fun, but do come back.

Hi there and welcome back. Now on to helping you decide whether to tackle the task of installing your own automatic gate system by your lonesome.

Our Position

Generally, we are of the opinion that, due to the complexities of installing an automatic driveway gate, and the safety issues associated with driveway gates, that you should not attempt an installation on your own.

Meeting in the Middle

The best option for a homeowner who wants to be involved with the installation of their driveway gate is to work with a contractor who will allow you to do most of the work, while they assist you in a consulting role, perhaps by answering technical questions by phone. You can then contract with them to do the work that you may not be able to do on your own, such as the electrical work, or digging and burying vehicle detection loops.

An example of this type of collaborative effort would be a project where you do all of the dirt work, install the conduit, pour the concrete footings, and set the posts. The gate company comes out and welds the gate hinges on, sets the gate, and delivers the gate automation equipment, which you then bolt down. On the final day, the technician comes out and works with you to make the final electrical connections and do the programming.

Summing it Up

While not as inexpensive as a complete DIY install, teaming up with a gate contractor who is willing to share the work load saves you some money on a full install while still providing you with a complete system that is secure, safe, and aesthetically appealing.

Our contractors can help you make your DIY driveway gate install a breeze.