Texas: Verifying Licensed Automatic Gate Contractors or Filing Complaints

Don't mess with Texas

For some reason, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a professional driveway gates installer online. AGRC is here to make your job easier by sending qualified contractors your way.

If you choose to locate your own contractor rather than letting AGRC steer 3 of our qualified automatic gate installation partners your way, you should select an installation professional who is licensed or registered according to the laws in your state. Know that not all states require licensing or registration but, generally, even states without such requirements may still require contractors be bonded or have certain types of insurance.

Why Work with a Licensed/Registered Contractor?

The link above will take you to an article that answers this question in detail. But the short of it is that, in many states, should things go wrong on your project, such as if your selected gate installation professional fails to do the job s/he was contracted to do, you, the consumer, have recourse via the government agency that governs contractor licensing or registration.

In some states, if your contractor runs for the hills with your deposit payment without completing or, in the worst of scenarios, starting the job, the governing agency can help you recoup some of all of your money via the contractor’s bond.

That bit of insurance makes it worth it to work with a licensed or registered driveways gate pro.

Verifying a Contractor’s License/Registration

Check Texas’s Department of Licensing and Regulation to see if they require licensing for automatic gate installers.

Filing a Complaint in Texas

We absolutely hope your project goes off without a hitch but, should things go wrong, you have a friend in Texas’s Department of Licensing and Regulation. You can file a complaint on their website.

Does AGRC Have Gate Installers in My Area?

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