Here at AGRC we want to foster an environment of cooperation between our members. We believe that we can grow together and cement our positions as industry leaders.

Through the various resources and community aspects on the site, you can expand your own gate installation and service knowledge and, with your contributions, you can help others in our field expand their knowledge. Learning and sharing ideas and information helps to raise the bar of professionalism and competence in our field.

Consider this: When we pass along a customer inquiry to you, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be competing against some yahoo working out of the trunk of his 1980’s Honda? Instead, you’ll know you’re competing against quality installers that aren’t cutting corners and trying to make a fast buck.

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Quality Leads

Our huge consumer knowledge base educates consumers on every aspect of automated gate installation and maintenance. We also emphasize the installation of vehicle detection, safety features, and quality equipment that stand the test of time in all of our articles. Once a consumer chooses to fill out one of our contact forms, they have a much better understanding of what they want than does your typical tire-kicker.
Limited Lead Distribution

Don’t compete with the whole world. Our Limited Lead Distribution promise is that we only share each lead with 3 certified partner members in the customer’s local area.
Industry Knowledge Base

One major benefit of membership with AGRC is access to our knowledge base--a depository for our collective knowledge on the “how to’s” of the installation of gates, gate openers, and accessories. Easily search for any topic and even submit your own edits and additions to the knowledge base.
Database of Installation and Programming Manuals

Our list equipment manuals aims to eradicate the time you spend searching all over the web for the manual you need to program the limits on an operator that you’ve never before worked on. Our list is ever-expanding--if what you need isn’t on our site, we ask you to please let us know so that we can add it.
Industry News

Stay up-to-date on our constantly growing and advancing industry and be the kind of professional who can easily answer consumers' complex questions, and who can apply the latest solutions to solve problems. We curate and make available to you all of the industry news that is worthwhile in one central location.
AGRC Member Logo

We provide you with an AGRC member logo that you can add to your website and marketing materials. This logo lets your customers know that you have exhibited ongoing commitment to continued education, and professionalism and competence in the areas of installation, service, and in the maintenance of security and driveway gate systems, and that, given the inherent dangers of automatic gate systems, you understand the importance of installing systems that are as safe as possible.
Online Forum

Discuss installations, service calls, and design builds with other gate professionals. Bounce ideas off of each other and formulate solutions with the help of others.
Technical Support

Can’t find a solution to your technical question in our knowledge base? Send us an e-mail and we will help you solve the problem and update our knowledge base to boot.*
Sales Support

We are your partner and our goal is to help you increase sales. We will provide you with relevant articles on sales closure techniques and offer discounts to our partners on sales seminars. We will even provide you with quality marketing materials that you can put your logo and pictures on.*
Extensive Gate Pictures Gallery

Our gallery is growing rapidly and will quickly become the most extensive resource for gate pictures on the internet. How many times has a potential customer asked you if you have a picture library they can look through to get design ideas? Most companies do have something, but have you worried you would lose the job if you didn't have a picture of something that caught your customer’s eye? This isn't a concern anymore with our gate image gallery.
Vendor and Manufacturer Discounts

We offer special vendor and manufacturer discounts to our valued partners. We negotiate discounts and specials on a continuous basis.
Industry Insight and Perspective

What makes AGRC unique is that it is powered by an industry insider with 20 years of experience in the field of gate installation and service. AGRC regularly shares its thoughts and advice on topics affecting you and the industry.
Profile Visibility

Leverage our customer traffic and get seen by more customers with a Profile on AGRC.
Online Technical Training on Service and Installation

Our training database is ever expanding. We will provide you with access to an online portal so that your technical staff can learn the best procedures for providing repair, maintenance, and installation of automatic gate system, along with step-by-step procedures for troubleshooting the most common problems, and step-by-step instructions for installing the most advanced gate operators and access control systems. We have you covered.
Product Reviews

Tried out a new operator and loved it or hated it? Let us know why and help turn others on to great equipment or keep them from experiencing frustrations.
*Technical and Sales consultations are available for an additional charge.

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