How do Emergency Vehicles Enter through Driveway Gates? – Fire, Police, and Medical Vehicle Access to Your Property

Fire, Police, and Medical Vehicle Access to Your Property

Most areas require the installation of a “Knox key switch” and/or a “strobe switch”. Some jurisdictions are requiring installation of devices that open the gate after receiving a command from the handheld radios in emergency responder’s vehicles.

What are the Different Types of Gate Vehicle Detection? -- Keeping Cars Safe from Damage

Keep cars safe from damage by automatic security gates

Like the name implies, a vehicle detection device’s entire job is to detect vehicles on either the inside or outside of your automatic driveway gate and cause the gate to either open or stay open without the need for a gate remote or keypad.

There are two main types of vehicle detection devices: vehicle detection probes and vehicle detection loops.

How to Make Sure Your Gate Doesn’t Hit a Car: Understanding Vehicle Detection on Automatic Gates

Vehicle driving out of driveway gate

After your beautiful new gate is installed, you have a dinner party attended by a few of your closest friends. As your good friend Leslie leaves in his S-class Mercedes, he stops his car in the path of your automatic driveway gate so that he can get out to admire the gate’s scroll-work and artwork. Suddenly, the gate begins to swing closed.

Leslie panics, freezes, and watches in horror as your lovely gate bangs against his late model luxury car and leaves some unsightly and significant damage.