Gate System Design Estimator  
Select each of the features you'd like for your gate system. Once you've made your selections, click "Update" to get an idea of the pricing range to expect for the type of gate system you'd like to have installed.  
Gate Type:
Swing Gate Opener:
If the Gate Type is "Double Swing" or "Single Swing", select a gate openere here.
Slide Gate Opener:
If the Gate Type is "Slide Gate", please select a gate opener here.
Gate Style:
Handheld Remotes:
Access Control:
Exit Device:
Safety Devices: Reversing Edges ($$) Reflective Photo Eyes ($) Dual Power Photo Eyes ($$)    
Vehicle Detection: Outside Reverse Loop ($$) Inside Reverse Loop ($$) Shadow Loop [Swing Gate] ($$)    
Fire Dept. Access: Knox KeySwitch ($) Click2Enter ($$$) Strobe Switch ($$)  
Accessories: Magnetic Lock ($$) Radio Receiver ($) Mounting Pedestal for Access Control ($$)  
Cost of the Gate System You've Designed:   [$ = $1000 - $4999; $$ = $5000 - $9999; $$$ = $10,000+]  
Learn about the different types of automatic gates and how to decide on the best gate system for your application.